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Documentary Movie Project

Surviving the Vortex: What is Family Recovery?

When hit with the vortex of substance use disorder in the family, it changes the entire family system. The family members struggle to find their footing as they look for reliable resources and support at a critical time in their life. This documentary will help friends and families find some clarity and guidance so that they can be their loved one's best chance for recovery.

Parallel Lines

This documentary will focus on the 5 W's of Family Recovery:

  • Who needs recovery help?

  • What is family recovery?

  • When does the family need it?

  • Where does the family find it?

  • Why is it important?


  • Create a documentary to shine the light on the who, what, when, where, why and how of family recovery. 

  • Provide education and resources.



  • Distribute for free to treatment providers, support groups, physicians, and others across the country to share with their communities.

  • Utilize crowdfunding rather than corporate funding. Meaning, we will not be partnering with treatment providers as sponsors for this project. We want it to be independently funded so there is no bias toward any provider.

  • If the movie does generate any income, the money will be used for family recovery programming and projects.

  • Documentary will include interviews from professionals in the field, evidence-based information, and facts, as well as personal stories.

  • Hope to launch the documentary in late 2024 or early 2025.

  • Ultimate goal is to have two versions – short and long versions. This will depend on fundraising.

We are taking donations from individuals, foundations and grants. We are not accepting donations from treatment providers for this project. ALL donations given through ILLUME's Givebutter account go to the Family Recovery Movie project.
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