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2024 Family Recovery Workshop Series

ILLUME Offerings Available:

  • Support Groups

  • Community Education and Discussion Groups

  • Individual and Group Family Coaching

  • BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) 12 Principles Classes/Groups

  • Mom Squad – Mom Support Group

  • Guest speaker for Family Education Programs


We are happy to work with your organization to create a family recovery program in your community too – Church, Treatment Center, Counseling Office, Sober Living Home, and more.

ILLUME classes/workshops are interactive and foster experiential learning.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Importance of Family Recovery

  • The Change Process

  • Raising Awareness & Responding in Action

  • Managing Expectations

  • Tools to Empower Family & Friends

  • Self-care techniques

  • Family Healing

  • Navigating the Journey

BALM Family Recovery Coach

How will the BALM program and a family recovery coach help me?

Families who go through the BALM program often find themselves able to get their own lives back, able to contribute consistently to their loved one’s recovery, able to powerfully partner with their loved one’s treatment providers, thus serving as true advocates of their loved one’s recovery.

The research shows that when the family gets help, the struggling loved one with a Use Disorder has a much greater chance of attaining and maintaining recovery.

This program establishes a communication process and tools that transform the family’s ability to attend to their own self-care and recovery, while also engaging in a positive, potentially life-changing way of communicating with their loved one.  

Coaching Package Includes:

  • Individual and group coaching

  • 30-60 minute coaching sessions

  • Laser calls/texts and emails -- access to coach for check-ins and assistance throughout the week. (15 min. max.)

  • 1-year subscription to the online BALM Family Recovery Academy

Family Members Will Learn To:

  • Move from denial to awareness

  • Let go of results and outcomes

  • Let go of mental obsessions

  • Regain lost inner calm and achieve peace

  • Effectively communicate with your love one without judgement

  • Set and stick to boundaries and use leverage effectively

  • Get Support

  • Be aware of Stages of Change and triggers for relapse

  • Heal relationships

  • Be the peace you wish to see

BALM Family Recovery Academy: 

A community focused on providing information, transformation and support.

  • Live Zoom video classes, interviews and coaching sessions each week

  • 24/7 access to recorded lessons and interviews from professionals, family members and people in recovery

  • Workbooks

  • Weekly Newsletter

  • Tech Support

If you want to learn more about the
BALM Family Recovery online program visit the website.

Support Group

Mom Squad Support Group:

We gather to learn, share, and thrive as we grow in a safe and supportive environment.


Motto: You are not alone!

 Mom Squad Meetings:


Mondays -- in-person

1st and 3rd at 12:00-1:30pm

Feedback From Participants:

  • Mom Squad is a safe, confidential place to get help when you need it, while also celebrating each member's small victories along the way. I love our Mom Squad!


  • The sense that we are in it together and therefore, we are present for each other, makes the Mom Squad productive and very special for me

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