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Family Education Program

A group that provides resources and training to friends and family members of a person struggling with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  Led by a rotating team of experienced professionals in the field of SUD's. 

Meeting on Thursday

at 6:30 pm

563 Southlake Blvd.,

North Chesterfield, VA 23236

p: 800-908-2377


For more information, contact:

Denise Carl at 


Family Support


Loving Someone with a Substance Use Disorder

 Join us on this journey of education, support, and faith as we seek to learn more about the disease of addiction and how it affects a family. Our goal is to open our hearts and minds towards healing, not only for our loved one, but also for ourselves as we share experience, strength and hope.


Meeting on Sunday

at 5:00 pm on ZOOM.

12445 Patterson Ave.

Richmond, VA 23238

p: 804-708-5330


For more information contact:

Alison Burleson at 

Other Local Meetings

BALM Family Recovery

We are a full service online educational program focused on helping ALL families be their loved one’s BEST chance at recovery from Substance Use  Disorders and other Use Disorders.

Enjoying Outdoor

You’re desperate for a way to help your loved one. Everybody‘s telling you to get rid of them, to kick them out and cut them off—but it doesn‘t feel right. After trying countless ways to deal with the situation, hopelessness sets in, leaving you with no choice but to stand by and watch. Inside BALM, Beverly Buncher opens your eyes and shows you the truth—it‘s false to say there‘s nothing you can do. This is a step-by-step guide to family recovery.


Is someone you love addicted? Have you found yourself wondering if all of your efforts to “help” or “fix” your loved one are really going the right direction? Addictions to prescription meds, opioids, alcohol and other substances are growing at exponential rates and ripping our families apart. What are the best strategies to help someone in bondage to a substance that drive real results?

Mastering the Addicted Brain

For anyone trying to overcome an addiction, living with someone with an addiction, or helping someone with an addiction As most drug and alcohol addicts eventually realize, good intentions alone aren't enough to break destructive habits. However, addiction can be managed once its true nature is understood. This simple yet profound guidebook takes you step-by-step through the process of building a life after addiction by adopting new behaviors that create lasting change.

Beyond Addiction

Beyond Addiction goes beyond the theatrics of interventions and tough love to show family and friends how they can use kindness, positive reinforcement, and motivational and behavioral strategies to help someone change. Drawing on forty collective years of research and decades of clinical experience, the authors present the best practical advice science has to offer. Learn how to use the transformative power of relationships for positive change, guided by exercises and examples.


Does your life feel like it's out of control? Perhaps you feel like you have to say yes to everyone's requests. Maybe you find yourself readily taking responsibility for others' feelings and problems. Or perhaps you focus so much on being loving and unselfish that you've forgotten your own limits and limitations. In the New York Times bestseller, Boundaries, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend help you learn when to say yes and know how to say no in order to take control of your life.

It Takes A Family

Most books on recovery from addiction focus either on the addict or the family. While most alcoholics and addicts coming out of treatment have a recovery plan, families are often left to figure things out for themselves. In It Takes a Family, Debra Jay takes a fresh approach to the recovery process by making family members and friends part of the recovery team, beginning in the early stages of sobriety.

Online Resources:


Prevention Resources for Parents:

  • Partnership for Drug Free Kids:

    • How to Address Underage Drinking​

    • Preventing Teen or Young Adult Drug Use

    • How to Talk About Marijuana

    • How to Talk About Vaping

    • Safeguard Against Medicine Abuse

    • What Parents Need to Know About College Binge Drinking

  • Talk They Hear You (SAMHSA)

  • Foundation for a Drug Free World

  • Talking with Your Kids About E-cigarettes: A Tip Sheet for Parents (CDC)

  • One Choice Drug Prevention Toolkit

  • Resources for Parents in Virginia:

    • Virginia Underage Drinking and Prevention Project

    • Important Underage Drinking Prevention for Parents of Seniors in Virginia

Risk Factors:

  • What are the risk factors for addiction?

What To Look For Or Suspect Drug Use:

  • Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use

  • Look for Warning Signs

  • Hidden in Plain Sight - clues in the bedroom that indicate drug use

  • Prepare to Take Action if You Suspect Teen or Young Adult Drug Use

Addiction Basics:

  • Addiction 101

  • Addiction Policy Forum

  • Johnny's Ambassadors - Mission to educate teens, parents, and communities about the dangers of today’s high-THC marijuana on adolescent brain development, mental illness, and suicide. 

Other Resources:

  • Get Smart About Drugs

  • The Science of Addiction: Genetics and the Brain 

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

  • Center for Motivation and Change - Parent Resources

  • Addiction Education Society

  • Center on Addiction

  • Drug Abuse and Addiction

  • NACoA - Voices of Children

Intervention & Treatment:

  • Intervention e-Book from Partnership for Drug Free Kids

  • 20 Minute Guide For Parents - how to help your child change their drug use

  • 20 Minute Guide For Partners - how to help your partner change their drug use

  • Questions to Ask Treatment Programs

Continue of Care - After Treatment:

  • Continue of Care e-Book from Partnership of Drug Free Kids

Books to Assist in Family Recovery:




















































Additional Books for Family Recovery:

  • Addict in the Family – Stories of Loss, Hope and Recovery by Beverly Conyers

  • Addiction in the House: A No-Nonsense Family Guide Through Addiction & Recovery by Robin Barnett, EdD, LCSW

  • Beyond Codependency: And Getting Better All the Time, by Melody Beattie

  • Center for Motivation & Change

    • Parent’s 20-minute Guide

    • Partner’s 20-minute Guide

  • Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself by Melody Beattie

  • Get Your Loved One Sober by Robert J. Meyers and Brenda L. Wolfe

  • Healing the Addicted Brain: The Revolutionary, Science-Based Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery Program by Harold Urschel, III, MD

  • It’s not okay to be a Cannibal – How to Keep Addiction from Eating Your Family Alive by Andrew T. Wainwright and Robert Poznanovich

  • Love First – A Family’s Guide to Intervention – Tools and Techniques to Help Loved Ones Heal from Addiction by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay

  • Loving Someone in Recovery: The Answers You Need When Your Partner Is Recovering from Addiction by Beverly Berg, MFT, PhD.

  • No More Letting Go by Debra Jay

  • Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Child, by  Allison Bottke

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